Friday, August 1, 2014

Change Of Seasons: Comeback Look

Printed Shirt, Oxygen
Shorts, Thrift Store
Vintage Buttoned Shirt, Thrift Store
Boots, Kickers
After a year and almost a half, I finally got the chance to update my blog, my lookbook, and my profile pic on facebook (LOL). Well this is all thanks to my artist slash friend slash my new kick-ass photographer, Jonina Vilvestre. Without her, I guess I wouldn't be here again and and probably still back in my super not-that comfy bed where I deal with my accounting subject. So anyways....

Here I go again with my vintage mood. Well, I just love vintage, its like a drug that I just can't seem to resist. Okay, enough of this vintage, let's talk about the clothes. Here I am, wearing a printed shirt from Oxygen which I already wore in my old look, Shell Suite. Well actually almost all of the pieces here are something that I already wore back when I was still active. So my main point here is the mix and match of clothes.

Well for me, there's nothing bad in repeating what you are wearing just as long you are pairing it with different pieces. Actually, this will test your creativeness based in mix and matching of clothes. 

So... dare to repeat pieces without having an almost the same look you made before. 


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