Sunday, July 24, 2016

Back To Basics

Basic Crew Neck Tee, Zalora
Basic Hoodie, Zalora
Basic Shorts, Outbreak Boulevard
Baseball Cap, Blue Collar
Truman Wayfarers, Sunnies Studios
Gray Sneakers, Nike
It seems like these basic goodies have really gotten into me...more like consumed my whole being. It has been three consistent weeks of wearing these basic goodies and it's really not obvious how I've become so hooked on it. I mean, I just love that simple, minimal look that is so aesthetically good in the eye that made me so crazy about it like grrr....!

Please ignore my double chin in this photo! LOL!

I've been thinking about this OOTD for a while now and I'm so happy how it turned out to be the way I want it to be. And it's indeed comfortable and cool, perfect for my country's current bipolar weather. Not to be bias about my look but I do love how the shades of every piece complemented each other. It gives you that calm and relaxing feeling and it also reminds me of that vintage casual look back from the 80's.

And that's it again for this week's ootd post about me trying so hard to relate my title with the post itself! LOL!

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see me again next week peepers!