Friday, July 8, 2016

Behind My Aviator Shades

Basic Crew Neck Tee, Zalora
Short Sleeved Jacket, Members Only
Shorts, Thrift Store
Sneakers, Lacoste
Penny Shades, Sunnies Studios
Drawstring Bag, Manila Girl

It's been a while again since the last time I posted something on my blog. To be honest, I've been asking myself when will I ever be consistent with my posts. I really miss blogging but I'm just too busy. Busy with school, with internship (12 hours a day), and with other stuff that I can't seem to mention all because it's just too many.

Anyway, enough of the shenanigans now that I finally found some time to update my blog, so here I go...

I was never a fan of mainstream stuff, but the basic style trend is just getting into me. And in fact, I think I'm starting to get so obsessed with it. Basic Tees, hoodies, neutral colored stuff, I just love how dull-looking they are. I know this style trend has been in the zone since last year, but I just can't help's just too good, that's why I came up with this ootd with shades of pastel, thanks to my jacket from "Members Only". 

And to protect my eyes from the ever so bright sun, I wore a pair of sunglasses from "Sunnies Studios". Oh! speaking of Sunnies Studios, you can buy a pair of sunnies and get one for FREE! YES! FOR FREE! So start shopping now on their website and get 2 pairs for a price of one. Promo ends on July 11, so don't miss it:D

And did you also notice that drawsting bags are a thing these days? So if you still don't have one, you can have your very own drawstring bag in "Manila Girl". What I like about their bags is that it's so perfect for the rainy season because of the water-proof interior of the bag. So rest assured that you're stuff inside will be safe from any water based or liquid based products.

I guess that's kinda it for now. And see you again or maybe see me again on my next post:) God bless!

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