Sunday, July 17, 2016

I Am No Shady

Black Tee, Dress Up PH
Sweatpants, 24:01
Sneakers, Lacoste

I'm super duper trying to update my blog 'til it's super duper active. This weekend was really frustrating that made me a bit stressed and overwhelmed. To be honest, I actually thought I'll end up getting sick because of those stuff but God is good, He never allowed it to happen.

In addition to my frustration, I was really having a hard time looking for a good spot to shoot in. I don't want to make use of the same background I had last week. And another frustration is the super hot weather. I know you can see it from the picture. My haggard and super awkward position on the photo above really shows how frustrated I've become,

So about the outfit, I was trying to go for a clean, plain, and casual look. I don't know if I achieved it but I like how it turned out. I've always had this kind of style inside my head and now that I've finally have the stuff I needed, I finally got the chance to bring it to life. 

I know the style is so last year and super common but I just want to have my very own version of it. And by my own version, I mean I want to experience wearing and showing everybody this style with my head and body on it. lels, I know that sounded so wrong!

WAIT! my butt looks weird! lels

Anyway, that's it for this weekend..maybe. See me again on my next post chillers!