Saturday, July 30, 2016

Just Got Lucky!

I’m so excited to blog about this one of a kind opportunity (yet..) in my life. Last July 29, 2016, Penshoppe brought to the Philippines one of their brand ambassadors, Lucky Blue Smith, to walk for their soon to be released collection at Conrad Manila, Pasay City.

So who is Lucky Blue Smith? Lucky Blue Smith is an American Supermodel known for his platinum blonde hair. Teen Vogue labeled him back in 2015 as the "Model of the Moment" and in the same year, he was included at's "Top 50 Male Models". Lucky happens to be the second most followed male model in Social Media. (courtesy of wikipedia)

TBH, I’m not a fan of Lucky and I only knew him when billboards of him started showing up along the forever so busy EDSA. Then a few days before the Fashion Show, a friend of mine invited me to see the show proper and I felt so many emotions that time to the point that it took me nearly 2 hours just to reply to her invitation. I was hesitant to accept the invitation because I’m not a fan of Lucky and I was so nervous going alone in the show knowing that it’s my first time to attend a legit Fashion Show, but I just realized that as a blogger and if I do want to keep up with something I really really like, I have to engage myself more with these kind of events. I believe this would also boost up my confidence in meeting new people with the same interests and expand my connections.

Because this is my first ever Fashion Show to attend to, I had to buy new stuff to wear. But too bad, I had to go alone so I got no one to take a picture of my outfit for that night… But I promise to wear it again for a photo shootJ

So going back, Penshoppe’s new collection truly defined what a true cool kid wears and should be wearing in the next seasons. The clothes looked super fun and colorful to point that some of it really looked kawaii, while on the other hand there are also looks that are perfect for those peeps who are into laidback casual and basic style.

So here are some of the looks from Penshoppe’s Fashion Show:

That denim jacket got me! Looking forward to have that jacket in my closet soon!

colorful beanies everywhere! So much love!

my only "almost-perfect" shot of Lucky Blue Smith

I still can't believe of such amazing moment I got into. I'm still in awe of what I just saw last night! I guess I just got lucky:) Anyway, Please comment below of what you think about Penshoppe's new collection and how really bad my shots are! Thank you!