Sunday, August 7, 2016

Black Friday

So here I'am wearing an almost all black outfit under the scorching sun. So why am I here anyway? Posing with a jacket on while the sun is so high and the temperature is so hot?

Technically, this wasn’t my supposed agenda last Friday.
 what's the real deal then? 

So a few days ago, a hostel from BGC messaged me, asking if I was interested on blogging about them. Well, because I consider myself as a newbie which technically I am, I grabbed the opportunity after hours of trying to come up with my final decision (special thanks to those peeps who supported me on twitter! woop woop to you guys!!). Anyway, I was really nervous and excited...but mostly nervous. I guess 65% nervous and 35% excited. LOL! So going back, I was expected to be there last Friday (August 5, 2016) to try their facilities and one of their private rooms, but last Wednesday, I messaged them again and asked some questions related to what we will be doing on Friday but unfortunately I was seen zoned. I waited for a response til Thursday night but still no updates. So my friend, which happens to be my photographer for that day, and I decided to just pursue the shoot somewhere near our place. With no concrete plan, this shoot happened.

I noticed I've been sitting a lot lately! haha!

We still grabbed the opportunity to catch up and bond and do a vlog for her and blog for me! So guys please do check her Youtube channel especially her vlog about the sketchiness last Friday! Click Here to view the video and Here to subscribe to her channel! Enjoy!

this pose has been a habit of mine now!
 not sure if it's good...LOL

About my outfit, I'm wearing the exact same shirt from my previous look topped with a Mesh Paneled Drawstring Jacket from 24:01. This jacket really fits my country’s current weather condition. I’m sorry if I failed to apply or show it on the pictures but it really does fit on the rainy days because of its nylon blend fabric that will keep you dry from the rain water! I paired it up with a black jogger pants from Penshoppe and sneakers from Lacoste! I also brought a drawstring bag from Manila Girl which is also good for our weather because of its design which will keep your stuff inside dry. and one last touch..of coolness(LOL), I wore a vintage glasses from Teen Up:)

Thanks to Starbucks for my all-time fave Tazo!
 It did keep me cool at this point of the shoot!

I’d like to thank my friend Jonina who has been there behind the camera to take pictures of me! I don’t get this super duper good shots often that’s why I’m really grateful to have her schedule that day! Please do follow her on Instagram and Twitter and AGAIN please subscribe to her channel on Youtube!

Mesh Paneled Drawstring Jacket, 24:01
Vintage Aviators, Teen Up!

And that’s it again for this week! And see me again next time for more euphoric shenanigans!

God Bless!