Monday, August 1, 2016

Trip To Pinto

Art Museums have become one of the go to places someone should check out. Aside from you can learn so much from the origin or the story behind each pieces, art museums are perfect for dates, hangouts, and especially photoshoots. 

Pinto Art Museum is one of the popular museums in the Philippines. The museum is located in Antipolo, Rizal, less than an hour away from Manila (if there's no traffic congestion LOL). In my case, I live in Pasig City and my friend and I nearly took us 45 minutes just to get there! Thank you Ortigas Ext. for proving us that there will always be forever in you!

It felt nostalgic going to a museum like this. I remember my elementary days where we had field trips and we go places like museums. sigh... good old days!

Anyway, please bear with me for I forgot to pay attention to some of the important details of my tour in the museum LOL. 

So here are some of the stuff and spots that really got my attention. 
But first, lemme post a look! lels!

Striped Tee, Uniqlo
Shorts, Thrifted
Sneakers, Nike
Snapback, Penshoppe
Round Glasses, Heiress Shop

The socket is also part of this wonderful art piece! *kidding*

To be honest, I'm a bit worried about the weather that day, thinking that it might rain really hard but turns out the weather cooperated with us. We may not be as dry as we expected to be (cause we were sweating really hard) but at least it did not rain and we got to see almost everything in the museum.

"Bes! likod ko to ah!"

The architectural design of the buildings in the museum gives you that vibe from hundreds of decades ago where clay has to do with everything that time, 

I never wanted to leave this super cozy spot but I had to give way for other peeps who also wanted a picture on the same spot.

These awesome looking-artifacts though! Looking forward to pose with them someday!

These headdresses remind me of Alexander Mcqueen.

...and more artifacts.

People from the past are really good in improvising tools for their everyday lives.

And here I go again...

My fascination with bridges is still there ♥

pa-candid pose!


 "Iniisip din niya kaya ako?"

This is one of my favorite pieces in the museum. These weird stuff hanging from the ceiling looked really really whimsical and dope!

and they also have unicorns too!

"hmm! sorry bes! akin na talaga puso niya para wala nang kawala!"

This is my most favorite spot of the museum!

isn't it gorgeous?

Well, that's it! I hope I made you feel that feeling where you're dying to go to this place and take some awesome photos with your awesome friends or your awesome self (because all your friends are also artistically good in "drawing"). And for those who have been to the museum before, I hope I made the blog about my trip to Pinto relatable to what you have experienced or felt when you were there!

For those peeps who are planning to go there! Here are the rates you need to know!
 Regular Ticket, P180.00
Young Once(Senior Citizen), P150.00
Students with IDP100.00.

For more information about Pinto Art Museum, feel free to check out their page

That's really really it everyone! See me again next time!