Saturday, September 17, 2016

Basically White

This is one of those times where I don't know exactly what to write about a particular post. But then I believe I have to...because it would be weird if all you see here are just pictures and nothing but pictures. That would basically adding an ingredient to a dish called ruining-my-enitre-existence-in-this-place-called-earth. So I'm thinking, why not just share things about myself even if no one really cares about my business. I mean it's my blog and I can do whatever I want to..starting now!

basic LOL!

So what do Carlos do when he is bored? well, you're already viewing it. HAHAHA! so whenever I'm bored I do stuff like doing a shoot just by myself. To be honest, I'm really proud to share this to everyone because it makes me feel so independent haha! It may be so frustrating but it's fun especially when you have mastered it.

I wonder what or who am I smiling to... weird
What else do I do whenever I'm bored?

I draw and paint. Ever since I was a kid, making drawings has been my all-time hobby and everyone who personally knows me are aware of this. I even joined our school newspaper back in high school just to make use of my talent productively and Praise God it really was productive. I had the opportunity to compete with other schools and even received medals and awards for winning. All glory to God for the talent he gave me!

On the other hand, I learned to love painting just last year when I attended a retreat. My friends brought their painting stuff with them and I was glad that they invited me over (not sure if they did or I just dragged myself into it LOL) and let me join them with their so called "Zen Moments" because those were the times were everything was really calm and serene. Haha! So after the retreat, I bought my own painting materials and there my love for painting has grown into something really deep.

Oh by the way, please follow my second instagram account where I document some of my sketches and paintings: @_euphorickiddo

Kunwari candid para cool. LOL
"Camera shy ako bes!"
("Bes! Im Camera Shy!
So now, let's talk about what I'm wearing! believe it or not, the idea for this outfit was implied from one of the 80's movies I watched a week ago, Pretty in Pink (It's a good movie! must-watch!). That movie really got some serious style and that's a one of the reason why I ended up liking the movie. 

So going back, I still achieved that basic look and my signature habit of tucking my shirt in. I wore a plain white shirt from Giordano, tucked inside my white shorts from Dockers. I didn't wear any belts anymore because the shorts fitted well around my waist but for those who might need it, feel free to wear a belt, preferably white or that almost white shade of gray to achieve this white ensemble. I topped my shirt with an oversized vintage buttoned shirt I found from my parents closet. For those of you who are interested with the buttoned shirt, I believe thrift shops have this kind of shirt! And to complete the I-am-not-so-sure-if-this-is-an-80s outfit, I wore a pair of white ankle socks from Hanes!

UGH! My face is annoying but anyway,
White Shirt, Giordano
White Shorts, Dockers
Clubmasters, Fabkikay
Oversized Shirt, Thrift Shop
Socks, Hanes
That's it again with my total basic weirdness! See me again next time here on my blog:))

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God Bless!