Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Don't Wait For 2017 to Change You

A few days left and 2016 will be history for all of us. At this point, I’m pretty sure you friend have already created your New Year’s resolutions. You’ve finally created this list of things you’ll be changing and you’ll be start doing for the year to come.

Perhaps, you’ll be changing something about your look or your eating habit because you want to go healthy for next year, or maybe this time you’ve finally come to your senses and start moving on, or for others maybe they are planning to change their overall character.

We all have our countless lists of things we want to change. But, I also want to tell you my friend; you don’t need to wait for 2017 if you really are after for change. If you want change to happen in your life, the best time for you to do it is now! Not later or next year.

It has become a custom for all of us to create this list of things we want to change once New Year approaches. Maybe change our look, go for a healthier lifestyle, changing our view of life, switching to a more suitable career, moving on from the person who’ve done wrongful things to us (for some), or whatever it is as long as we achieve that something we all want in common, TO BECOME BETTER than last year.

There’s nothing really wrong if we want to change for the better. It’s really nice if we want to become better than what we are last year. It’s a great goal to uphold to become better in everything we did wrong from the previous year. The only issue here is why does it take time for us to change?

Alongside with the resolutions we created are excuses. These excuses are what keep us from changing. We always come up with a bunch of reason for change not to come in. We compromise change.

But my friend we don’t adjust change. We adjust for change. And by that I mean if we do really want to change we don’t wait for next year so we could finally penetrate these changes in our lives. We do it as soon as possible. We do it now.

Your hunger for change shows in how soon you want it to happen.

No matter how impossible the situation is, you’ll be desperate to go for it without any excuses. No matter how hard it is, you’ll be full of determination to achieve it. You’ll be full of determination to become the better person you’ve always wanted to be.

Change is indeed inevitable, but most of the time it’s our choice when we want to proceed with it. So my friend, I hope you’ll take time to reflect on these words as you think of the changes or the resolutions you have prepared for yourself. Also, as you reflect on these resolutions, evaluate yourself, “How bad do I really want to change?” and “Why do I want to change?”. 

Anyway, this post will also be my last style post for this year. Wishing Everyone Happy Holidays! enjoy every minute of this break with good people! 

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