Carlos Panganiban is a student/blogger who is today, living in Pasig City, Philippines. He is currently taking Business Administration major in Human Resources in Trinity University of Asia. He consider himself as an "aspiring" and "frustrated" model and photographer. Aspiring, because being a model and a photographer is one of his dreams, on the other hand, frustrated, because most of the time, he is the only one taking pictures of himself whenever he posts looks on his blog and on his Lookbook.

Euphoric Kiddo is a blog by Carlos Panganiban. It is where he documents mostly his looks and some sort of stuff like the places and events he goes to and soon the things that reminds him of his existence in this world. 

For him, "A true FASHIONISTA is someone who dares to look different yet still presentable in witness of a huge crowd.".

To know more about him, feel free to connect with him through his social media accounts or contact him by sending an email:))

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